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We are a Cheltenham-based SEO agency, working with organisations across the UK to help them improve their visibility online for the things that are important to them and their objectives, whether that’s sales, enquiries, donations or simply website visitors and brand awareness.


SEO. Just like baking.

Bear with us. We know what you’re thinking, but listen …

Poor old SEO has had a pretty bad rep in the past. It can be easy to send money its direction, without necessarily knowing where it’s going, what its doing and whether its working.

The way SEO works is pretty simple. Not to do ourselves out of a job, but it is. What makes it work really ruddy powerfully, is the combination of two things:

Science and art.

Queue the cake analogy …

The sciencey bit – the baking, the precise measuring, the careful mixing. Or in dull SEO terms, understanding how algorithms work, the technical specification of a website and the elements available to a website!

The art part – the icing on the cake, the intricate detail, the ‘show stopper’ factor. Or …finding opportunities, understanding a client’s needs and creating delicious content.

Using both (really imaginatively) will score you big brownie-points with Google – which is important to drive traffic to your site.

And once people have arrived at the party (your website), you want them to be happy they did. Mingle a bit and salivate over that luscious cake you’ve slaved over.

Next comes the taste test.

What’s really important to you, if you’re paying somebody to boost your SEO – is to know what your hard-earned cash is actually achieving.  What’s working, what’s not, what are people doing when they get to your site, what did they look at and what did they buy?

An SEO savvy Mary Berry if you will. Somebody who really knows their stuff to let you know what you did right and what you did wrong.

Measurement and reporting. It’s so key to successful SEO. Simply being able to follow and tweak the recipe and determine if it was worth all the effort.

Cotswold Online is an SEO agency in Cheltenham. We’ve been optimising websites since 2005, that’s a long time playing with Google. Underhand SEO tactics and poor measuring and reporting make us a bit cross. But we get proper happy, nerdy and excited about the good stuff. We are obsessive about the insights.

Here’s what we can do:

  • SEO audit, technical audit, competitor research, fact finding
  • Strategy and recommendations
  • Keyword research
  • Optimised content creation
  • Reporting
  • Link building and outreach
  • Local SEO

You don’t need to know what you need. Just how you want it to taste.

Looking for SEO in Cheltenham or beyond? We work with companies across the UK.

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