Pet Advice from the Experts

With nearly half the households in the UK playing host to a non-human occupant, shopping and caring for pets is high up on the agenda for millions of people across the country.

For nearly 15 years, Pet Drugs Online has been supplying low cost pet products, from medication to accessories, wormers and foods, and in a recent redevelopment of their website, they have used their expertise (the company was set up an run by vets), to create a handy Pet Advice section – with everything owners need to know about keeping pets happy and healthy.

This is no ordinary trundle through medical facts and stuffy opinion – these articles have been written with pet owners and real life as a pet owner in mind.

You’ll find honest, warts-and-all details, plus helpful, practical advice that aims to stop leaving owners with unanswered questions, but rather a steer on what to do to help their pet.

Some topics covered include

Cat Fleas: “Research has shown that in dog and cat households flea infestations are always blamed on the cat! They will deny everything: they’re cats….” read more

Dog Food Allergies: “Dog food allergies are now more accepted and understood. Here’s a look at the strategies for coping with a dog with food allergies” read more

Cat Vaccinations: “You are responsible for your cat’s every health requirement, so you need to seriously contemplate the problems they’ll face throughout their lives if you don’t ‘take arms against the sea of infectious troubles’. Or in a less Shakespearean mode, getting them vaccinated!” read more

Arthritis in Dogs: “Many vets consider arthritis a near medical inevitability in ageing dogs, there some simple steps you can take today to improve their joint health both now and for the future.” read more

Visit the Pet Drugs Online Pet Advice section to browse the whole range of articles.


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