Copy. That’s Right.

Copywriting. Let’s get this party started.

So, you have a beautiful website.  All singing and dancing. Does lots of whizzy stuff.  Cool. Now what?

You need to get a conversation going.

Without that, it’s like being a fabulous party with chandeliers and chocolate fountains and those body-painted people walking about on stilts.

Eeek, there’s no host to welcome you, there are a few people in the corner looking bewildered and no party vibe.  You just want to slope off as quickly as possible.  What are you doing here?

Good copywriting, and we mean really good – will not only get you hyped up about the party – right from the super cool invitation, but give you the warmest welcome, shove a glass of fizz in your hand and walk you around until you feel relaxed and comfortable. Introduce you to a few people, pump up the music and won’t leave you until you’re doing flip top head laughter and never, ever want to leave.

Could we have a word?

So back to the copywriting. We know that having great copy brings the right guests to your website, lets them know what you’re all about, engages them and encourages them to buy. At its best, it will also get people raving about it to others.

It’s not about stuffing in keywords or trying to trick Google. It simply about answering the searcher’s question. It’s that simple.

“I want this.”

“Here’s this, and this is how this works.”

“Phew.  No more searching. Thanks, I’ll take two.”

Yes, you know your business really well.  It’s your baby, we get that.  But a great copywriter will get under the skin of your business, understand you and your audience then expertly craft really powerful words that work really hard to sell your offering.

We’ve been writing copy for clients, and for search engines, for 14 years. Sure, we have search engines in mind when we write. We know what they’ll like and what they won’t. But we don’t try to trick them.  We want to impress them. So they really rate you and send more people your way.


With our team of creative copywriters as your ‘party planners’, you have none of the stress, no sausage rolls to warm and no clearing up.  You just relax and enjoy the revelry.

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